Touring with Infants

Hi there, we are traveling to Disney with our 2.5 yr old, 6 mo old and my parents (60’s). We would like to experience the kids attractions (under 38") while the kids are awake… but my hubby and I want to go on some of the adult rides while they nap and grandma and grandpa relax 12-2pm, and also after 5:30pm when my parents take them back to the hotel. #1) how should we plan our fast passes to ensure we can take the kids on the rides they need and also try to get some adult ones (Kids are the PRIORITY - if we only get one adult ride a day - the headliner at rope drop, that is fine)… and how do I set our touring plans to understand the various time constraints/ who will be in the rider group at each time? #2 We are planning on doing rope drop for each of these: Flight of passage, Toy story mania, 7 dwarves, is there a setting in the touring plans to adjust it so it knows we are bee-lining and can incorporate this/ not optimize those rides to other times? *We are doing MK twice, HS once, and AK once - Mid November… booked on days when each park is less than 4 according to touring - not doing mickeys xmas :frowning:

So, a lot of the little kids rides will have minimal waits in the morning (at rope drop) and I think you will be good for the most part making parent fp+ in the 12-2 nap time period. I think a safe bet would be to make one kid-friendly fp+ around 1030/11 and ride before your kids go for their naps. Then make the next 2 your adult fp+ at 12 and 1 so that by the time your kiddos are ready to come back into the parks you can make more for the whole family!

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TY so much. Can you advise how to work it with rope drop? If we are rope dropping for the headliner adult rides… how do i adjust my touring plan?

Your TP assumes that everyone is doing the same rides. I sometimes just put the ride in that will take longer into the TP and put a note saying that so-and-so will be doing other-ride. Sometimes I make two TP, one for the older folks doing rides together and one for the kids and the adult with the kiddos.

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Thanks so much!!!
How do you account for rope drop? Start the plan later and leave out the rope drop rides?

Do you mean on the second TP for the kiddos? It depends. What will the kids be doing then?

Be sure to take advantage of parent swap.

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For MK… We are planning on doing rope drop for 7 dwarves, while the kids and grandparents watch the welcome show, then we are all meeting up at peter pan to hop in that line… *Or that is the thought. so should i start the touring plan at 10am… and just omit peter pan and 7 dwarves?

how does that work… if there are 4 adults, can 2 of us get fast passes… ride, then parent swap with the other 2 or do all 4 need the FP+?

In that case, I’d start your TP with 7DMT and follow it by PPF. I’d just put in the notes for 7DMT that the kids were planning on hanging behind for the morning show and meeting you at PPF. If you’re committed to that order, you may have to shift those two attractions back up to the top after you optimize the TP. After shifting, hit “evaluate” to get updated times based on the new order.

Side note: many people put in a fake one minute break at park opening. The TP tends to think you’re arriving at the time your plan starts and factors in some time to get through security and the tapstiles, but I’m guessing you’ll be there waiting on Main Street for the rope to drop.

To the best of my understanding, most cast members will not ask to scan in all FP for the second group of riders when doing the rider swap, but they can and sometimes do ask. If the folks in the second group don’t have FP for that ride, the CM may refuse to issue a RS. I think that 7DMT is one of the rides where they ask more often. FOP is another.

I didn’t mean in combination with FP+. I just meant in general, be sure to use it. If there is an adult ride you wish to ride, but don’t have a FP+, then you can get in line and ride while your spouse takes the kids to do something else. Once you’re done, your spouse can then ride with minimal additional wait. You could also do it where the grandparents ride first and you and your spouse take the kids to do something, and when they get off, you use the rider swap for yourselves.

I’m not sure it makes sense to do rider swap with FP+ since you’re already in the fast line anyhow.