Touring with Arthritis - Trekking poles over ECV?

How do those of you with arthritis cope at the parks?

I’m considering buying trekking poles to shift some of the weight from my bad hip. Has anyone done something similar over renting an ECV? Is there anything motorized but more “youthful” (and less bulky) allowed in the parks?

I am super excited about our trip and not bringing a stroller but dreading the associated walking… (But realistically I’ve pushed through the pain most of my adult life and often limp to the end of a 12,000 step day at work and survive, so maybe it won’t be so bad?)

For my last trip I brought my rollater walker with me. It was great for support, and allowed me to sit if I needed to. I think taking the poles would be harder to deal with in the parks, but then again, I’ve never used any.

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I’ve found some that are telescoping so they should fit into my bag. Then I can use them when I want to.

Taking your seat with you sounds nice! But I like to think I’m not to the point of needing a walker.

Not sure if the trekking poles are allowed. Be sure before you invest.

If it were me, I’d get a walker, even if it’s a cheap or used one (although one with a basket would be handy). My mom uses a walker in the parks, but doesn’t need it in her daily life. She found it was a godsend. She was able to be upright and move independently but she was also able to sit when she needed to. In addition, she was directed to the lines where ECVs go, so there’s no worry about leaving the walker outside (like you would with a stroller, for example).

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I don’t typically need a walker, either. I chose to take one to help with the pain in my lower back that I get when I either walk too much, or stand in one place. Just the extra support was wonderful, and being able to sit down was a godsend when the pain got to be too much.

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