Touring while pregnant

DH and I are hoping to be expecting when we leave on our next trip in the beginning of May. I’m trying to figure out what attractions I will be able to experience and which ones I won’t. Obviously thrill rides etc will be off limits but I’ve read that Kilimanjaro Safari and even Soarin’ should be off limits. Any suggestions to make this last trip before baby fun and memorable? Hoping to rent points at AKL Kidani but haven’t booked yet for obvious reasons but am also looking forward to spending lots of R and R at he resort. Thanks in advance!

Good luck. :slight_smile: i think it really depends on how far along you are… There’s a lot more cushioning in there early on, ha ha. And it depends on the risk-level of the pregnancy, and you can’t really predict that until it’s here…

I can’t see why Soarin would be out.

Safari can bump you around a lot, which I would avoid farther along in the pregnancy… Don’t want a neighbor’s elbow accidentally poking your belly hard, etc.

I toured while pregnant, and because I don’t do thrill rides in general, I just went on whatever I wanted. I was at the beginning of my second trimester, so going on the safari wasn’t a huge deal.

The reason why some people might think Soarin’ is a no-no probably has to do if you have pretty savage morning sickness or not. The smells and the motion might be enough to make you feel pretty icky if you’re super sensitive.

Not sure how far along you’ll be at that point, but I found that aside from being a bit more tired than normal, the second trimester was the best time to visit – and if you do, maybe schedule a prenatal massage over at the GF spa. :smile:

Useful tips for expectant mothers at WDW However, always follow YOUR doctor’s advice.

Did a bunch of day trip prego last year with ds5… Make sure to rest when you need to, drink lots of water and eat a bunch of churros! Haha!! The only ride I did that “they” say not to was speedway… Ds is obsessed! I made sure there was an adult behind us so we wouldn’t get bumped!!! Also watch for motion sickness… I got it good on dumbo/carpets/anything that spun around!! Enjoy!!! And just think of the fun you will have with your new little one! We just got back from ds 8 months first weekend trip!!!