Touring strategy for epcot

We have 1 day at Epcot and wikl be there at RD. In general, is it better to start in Future World , go to World Showcase when it fist opens and then finish Future World in the evening OR to complete future world and then world showcase?

My touring plan has us do the latter but I was thinking that the crowds might be lighter in World Showcase when it first opens and we could wander more easily at that time. Maybe everyone does that though.

Tomorrow is finally our day to book FPP so I’m making last minute decisions torvtime slots!

I would say start in FW, flow to WS when it opens, and then finish in FW. A lot of people will flock to WS later in the evening for dinner/Illuminations so take advantage of shorter lines for some of the other FW things, and then just sneak in to see Illuminations.

I like this idea. Thanks!!

Some FW stuff closes at 7 a lot so be warned.

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TheGraceysButler – Thank you! I did not realize that but now I’ve made a list of those attractions. I appreciate your help.

Good call. Yes make sure those ones that close early are done in the morning!

So much depends on the Crowd Level for that day. I’d suggest making a personalized touring plan with all the attractions you want to see. Add in breaks and meals. Optimize. The TP will suggest an order based on where the lines will be that day given the crowd. I’ve always done FW, the WS, then leave but my TP for early July suggests FW 9-11, France side of WS11-3, FW 3-6, Mexico side of WS 6-9.