Touring Plans - Would This Work?

We are having a hard time trying to figure out what park we want to be in on each day. We have Park Hopper Passes and jumping around is what our family likes to do. We do have FPP which will dictate where we need to be on those specific mornings or afternoons but other than that being a consideration, we don’t really have any real plans set in stone.

Would it work if we just created some dummy TPs for each park on a day where the crowds are at least as high or higher than the dates we will be there (not necessarily during the dates we will be there) and then we could use it as a guide for whatever park we end up at?

For instance, if we have FPP at HS from 2:00 on, we know that we need to be at HS in the afternoon but can go to whatever park appeals to us spur of the moment for the morning. Or, we get to the busses and decide to just get on whatever bus shows up first. Basically flying by the seat of our pants!

What are your thoughts? Have you ever done this? Does it sound like something that could work?

Why or why not?

Thanks for your opinions/advice! :slight_smile:

I’m sure it would work wonders!
You’ll always have the advantage with a TP! I’ve never tried it though… would you report back when you do please? It looks like something I’d like to try!

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It would work. Fun plan for a trip. But I’m confused as to why you can’t make different plans for each park for the actual days you will be there. And then just go with the one where you end up. Maybe I’m missing something.

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Probably, but you’d have to keep track of when the crowd level predictions changed. I feel like they tend to go up as your trip approaches. Right now, maybe the highest level is a 6 but by the time your trip arrives maybe it’ll be an 8. (Just making those numbers up, no idea what your CL are predicted to be, of course!)

Also, you may want to check out the not-a-touring-plan plans, like this one. They’re designed to help you strategize what order to do the attractions in a park without having an actual schedule involved.

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If I am understanding what you are saying, I think that would mean would we have to make a lot more plans than just a few generic ones.

I sure hope it works out well. and yes, I’ll report back if in fact we decide to just wing it :slight_smile:

Ok, I gotcha. Sometimes it’s hard to read between the forum post lines :slight_smile:


We did an average of each park last night for the days we’ll be there but also recognized that we should add a few CLs to what we calculated after we saw that the predictions for Sunday and yesterday were off by 4 to 5 at a few of the parks! That’s significant!!

Thanks for the suggestion to use the not-a-touring plan. We’ll check those out for sure!

I think making some sample plans is a great idea. You’d get a good feel for which rides are best for RD and which can wait until a little later, while still saving your FP for park #2 for the day. Then you know, whenever you go to AK in the morning, you’re going to roughly follow this plan, etc.

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