Touring plans with fast pass reservations was magic, is that broken now?

Four years ago we used the lines app to pick what order to take the rides and it also told us when to reserve our place in line using fast pass. It was a miracle and saved us lots of time!

Now with genie+, the lines app doesn’t tell us when to reserve our spot in line or optimize our schedule based on the time we’ll save with genie+.

I’m devastated frankly. I was spoiled before. Are the touring plans and lines app useless now? We’ll be in the parks starting February 22nd, 2022. Any chance touring plans will support Genie+ reservation-based optimization by then? Can I join some kind of beta? :slight_smile:


Well the problem Ive been seeing is that while you can try to book a time, by the time you confirm, it has changed. And you dont get to plan ahead as at WDW you are doing it at 7am for 1st Genie +one or pd ILL, and ar DL you cant do it until you scan into park.

So all you can do is do a best guess plan, and then once you get a genie time adjust and optimize then.

I dont know why the system cant hold a time for say, 90 sec or 2 min, to allow you to complete. Concert and movie ticket systems do it all the time with a timer over your checkout basket


Day of, you can add your LL times to your touring plan as you book and then optimize.

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Oh that doesn’t seem so bad! I’m looking at the Disneyland resort version of the lines app and I don’t see where to enter LL times, at least not ahead of time. Does a button show up when you have a selected plan and it’s day of?

You can add predicted LL now for WDW. Not sure about DLR

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