Touring Plans wait times in Disneyland

This is my first time to Disneyland and using the touring plans for Disneyland. I’ve used them a number of times for WDW and once I incorporate the date the wait time change. With the Disneyland plan the wait times are ridiculously short. The crowd calendar says 7’s and 8’s for the days we are at the park, but the longest wait time I see is 30 minutes. Are wait time usually this short at Disneyland?


I will be going in February for the first time and I have noticed that too. I think a 10 in California is different.

Disneyland has way more rides in their 2 parks than WDW has in 4, so yes, the numbers are different. However, in terms of crowds in the parks there, they are not the same. Say you are looking at a 10 day in MK, that will mean long lines and people everywhere in the walkways. A 7-8 day at DL will feel exactly the same in the walkways…there will be huge numbers of people in every single space of the park, yet the ride lines won’t be too crazy. The walkways in DL are much, much smaller than WDW. Throw in a pile of strollers and scooters and you are looking at very crowded days. The lines will be good for the rides, especially in the morning since locals arrive later in the day. But by evening you will swear it is a 10 day, but it may be a 6 or so. Very different crowd patterns in DL than WDW, so be prepared.

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OTOH, a 10 day in DL can me, for instance, 2+ hour lines for RSR and SM. Soarin’ has been running long with the new show.

Long-time users (me, others) have been noticing that the TPs and CLs for DL have been way off ever since the start of the 60th anniversary festivities. You should try the chat groups in the TP app for current data.

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Thanks! I was wondering the same thing as well.

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Thanks, I have the WDW app but will download the DL app.