Touring plans that Include A&E

I can’t seem to find a touring plan that includes A&E. We have two days at Magic Kingdom and want to split the park in two, is that possible? I don’t want lots of backtracking and the Dumbo due or die 2 day seems to be fully packed for day 1 and not much for day 2. We were going to do Day 1 early morning and then day 2 arrive afternoon and stay till closing at 9pm…PLEASE Help!

I believe the pre-made touring plans skip A&E because FP+ is really hard to get and standby waits are very long.

However, the answer for you is probably customization. Copy the touring plan that’s closest to what you want, add A&E (using “add attraction”), and take off anything that doesn’t look interesting (so you can shorten the day). Then adjust the start and finish times for what you want, and hit optimize.

I found customizing to be confusing at first, but after playing with it for a while it’s much easier now.Just keep playing with it and you’ll end up with a plan that fits. You can use “copy” to experiment with changes, without losing a plan you like.

Thanks Sean, do the adults need a fast pass for A&E or just kids? I see on this site it shows some available but says “party of one”? But on the disney site shows none available.

Adults need a fastpass if they’re going in. The kids only need them if their old enough to have a ticket. For example, my kid will not yet be 3 when we visit, so they don’t need a ticket or fastpass.

I’ve heard that people have success just watching the availability and snatching what pops up. Alternatively, make A&E your first stop after rope drop. You’ll still have a decent wait, but perhaps less than in the middle of the day.

I did exactly what Sean said to do. And check theDibb UK site that posts FP+ availability. I did not get one for A&E at my 60 day window at midnight, but I did find one open there 2 days later. They go fast tho! :wink: