Touring Plans survey...question about beds?

I was going through the survey that TP sends out. It was a bit difficult to answer, since the line of questions didn’t always line up with how we were managing this trip. (For example, it asked about MK, but not about Epcot, even though we did more on our Epcot day.)

But in any case, one of the questions was about our room, and it asked what the bed configuration was. But the options didn’t match what we actually had. We had a studio room with 1 queen bed, and one murphy pull down queen bed. But the options were a queen and a double pull down, or a King and a pull down.

I don’t think it ultimately matters to the survey…but I was curious as the intent of this question.

It helps them map the rooms for the room finder

But it’s only as good as the survey which needs updating since the resort has been refurb’d.

I’d probably let Len know

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while we’re refurbing the survey…can we add in bed orientation too?

Knowing the bed is facing a certain view would be VERY beneficial to know. (especially for Poly, Bay Lake, Contemporary, Beach and Yacht, and even Boardwalk.)