Touring Plans "Specify Time" drop down doesn't have hours loaded, but minutes are loaded/selectible

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I’m making touring plans for an up coming trip but when I try to Specify the time, the drop down box to select the hours doesn’t load the hours, however the minutes are there and available to select. (The section is not greyed out and I can click the drop down - there’s just nothing in the hours box to select). This seems like a glitch. I’ve tried on my phone (android), tablet (android) and now a laptop (windows).

Any suggestions?


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Hey Dana! I’m sorry about this. Can you post a link to your plan, please? I’ll have one of our developers take a look. And please let me know what kind of device and operating system you’re using.


Hi @len For Sure. Here’s my link: Disney World Touring Plans

PC: Windows 11 Home

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Version 10
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE Android version 14

The screencaps are showing the hour drop-down not having numbers/hours there to select while the minutes does.

It definitely could be user error. Thanks so much for taking a look!

Got this. Thank you. I’ve asked our developer Brad to take a look at it, as he’s most familiar with this part of the user interface.

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As suggested by the checkboxes, the interface you’re using is only for specifying a time before your plan starts when you’ll obtain a Lightning Lane return time via Genie+. And it’s only used if you are creating your own attraction order and using Evaluate to see how the times work out. So if at 11:43am you plan to go into the Disney app and secure a Lightning Lane return time for Test Track, you can input that here.

The issue here is that your plan starts at 4:00pm and you’ve specified that you’re not willing to book any Lightning Lanes via Genie+ until 4:00pm. That leaves zero time before your plan starts when you could book any LLs.

If you change the “At what time are you willing to obtain your first Lightning Lane Return Time via Genie+ in Disney’s app?” setting to something earlier than 4:00pm (setting it to 7:00am would give you the most flexibility if you’re using Evaluate), I think you’ll see what you want.

For these sorts of specific issues where you think there’s a technical problem, please submit a request in our help system so that we can provide assistance.

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Excellent. I didnt even realize at the very start of making this plan that 4pm was designated. I changed that and definately got what i needed.

And noted about where to submit a request.

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This is exactly what they are doing though. I also just ran into this problem. I checked the box that says I will complete this step prior to the start time of my plan, which then gives you those drop down boxes to select the time you’re going to get the LL and you cannot pick an hour. That drop down has not been given values from which to select.

ETA: in the Genie+ section I definitely had it selected that I will book my first at 7:00am. I just refreshed the page and that time changed to 3:45. I changed it back to 7am and refreshed and it worked, I am now able to pick an hour I will book my LL in my plan. So perhaps the glitch is in that time getting changed by the program for some reason.

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