Touring Plans Software Question - Split Day

So I am focusing on planning for one particular MK day using the TP software. We are going in “early” for BOG breakfast and other rides. Our goal is to do a split day leaving at lunch and going back to WL for naps/pool time and back for MNSSHP around 5 pm for dinner and staying for the rest of the night for the party (12mid).

Should I make one day plan with a 4-hour break or two separate plans?

One plan with a 4 hour break is how I do it if I’m going back to the same park. It just means less plans to juggle.

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If it was a non-party night, I would definitely make a single plan with a 4 hour break - but I have no idea how the party would effect a TP. I never do the parties, so I haven’t paid much attention. I don’t know if there is an algorithm that takes into account the parties or not.

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