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Hi all. First post on the forum! So, we arrive in two weeks for the ToT Ten Miler. We bought our tickets through RunDisney so no FPP for us until they give us our park tickets when we get their. So, I'm wondering if I just create a TP for each park now and somehow add FPP after the concierge sets them up for us at the resort? Any ideas on how this will work? Any runners out there that have done this before?

Welcome!!!! And yes by all means setup a tp and you can use the fpps as they are available which will put you ahead if schedule in your plan. But alas I'm not a runner, unless there is a cheeseburger at the end lol.

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Thanks! We'll give it a try. Hoping to learn from others that have run in other RunDisney races. It's a real shame that booking tickets as part of a race package results in not being able to book FPP in advance. I've been told to book park tickets separately next time. Inefficient and very unDisney-like. And believe me, I'll be enjoying a Dole Whip the day after the race!

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We have lots of racers on here. Hey @kelij have any input?

@HappyKaren? Any tips?

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Sorry, I'm not a runner and don't really have any on hand experience with this but I just wanted to welcome you to the forum!

I have done RunDisney packages in the past, but I've had AP since FPP started so I've not encountered this problem. It stinks- most un-magical!

I'd advise making a touring plan and then using the FPPs for bonus time- it'll save wait time in your plan, allowing for more DoleWhip consumption smile

I bought race-priced tix for my extended family for TOT and they made FPPs at 60 days. My brother even stayed up late to get us A&E and 7DMT. We bought the tix through runDisney, they mailed them to us, and then we linked through MDE.

Oh we did not do a package though. Sorry I am no help.

Thank you so much for the kind welcome!!! :

Thanks. That seems to be the gotcha on this. CM said you have to buy the tix separately, just like you did. Sadly, the CM that booked the original reservation failed to mention that. frowning It'll be a great trip, and we're really looking forward to the ToT race! Our first RunDisney race. smile

Unless you had an overwhelming desire to meet A&E you'll be fine. You should still be seeing some of the headliners available during your trip and you'll have a great time!