Touring Plans Reservation Finder Rocks!

Had my fingers crossed for a Cyrstal Palace breakfast before park opening and Touring Plans scored! We are so excited especially since we are down there December 14th - 21st. When I received my text notification I went straight to my disney app and made the reservation.
Thank you!


Hello Maizy1, I agree that the Reservation Finder Rocks, it helped us get a 7:25pm for CG. I see you are going to be there during part of our stay, we are going to be there from December 17 - 27, maybe we will run into each other, as it would be nice to run into another liner.

I would bet you both are going for the xmas season. If you are considering Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas passes, be warned that the park will be Super crowded and you will get very little for your money. Couple cookies, a cup of hot Chocolate and a struggle to see the Christmas show at the Cinderella Castle. Personally, Never again! People are rude and pushy. Save your money. My opinion only. Others may disagree. Ho, Ho, Ho!

This was a year ago. These folks have Ben and gone home already. Lol.


Too funny! We definitely have been and gone but are headed back again for the same dates this year. We did not do the Christmas party last year and will not do it this year. We did it once a few years back and were not impressed and that was when it was around $60 a person I think?? If we can ever swing everybody’s schedule around the halloween party then we would defintitely do that one again.


Adding kudos!! I’d been looking and looking for a Bon Voyage Breakfast reservation and I had my quota already. I decided to let both of those searches go and put one in for BVB yesterday and within 30 minutes got notification AND was able to get it right then! Sooooo excited!! (Even though timing means I’m changing up some days, it’ll work out!)


yes, yes a thousand times YES! we’re going next weekend w/our daughter to star wars galactic nights and staying through monday. we always like doing the akershsus breakfast and our daughter requested 1900 park fare this time. plugged both into the reservation finder this morning @~7 am, i now have both restaurants booked. LOVE the reservation finder. last year around this time i proposed to my fiance at cinderella’s royal table - reservation acquired through touringplans’ reservation finder. we use it EVERY time we’re planning a disney world trip and it has never once let us down. we tell everyone we know who’s going to disney, especially newbies, about this site and several have signed up. so thank you very very much touringplans. keep up the good work!

Another win for the Reservation Finder! It found me the Storybook Dining at Artist Point on a Saturday night at 6:55! Sweet!