Touring Plans predicts Crowd Level of One on some days of MNSSHP in September

I’m guessing since the park closes early for non-ticket holders that they rather spend a full day elsewhere.

Any of you have experience with these levels? Should I plan MK till 4-5 PM when the evening crowd starts to arrive and then park hop elsewhere?

That’s what I have been planning. And yes typically people don’t want to waste an entire day on admission and not be able to get the full day out of it! Others will comment and hopefully stay the same! I am planning on being there at 7am for EEMH and have an ADR at CP for 4:45 and then I will be out of there! LOL

This is common. People don’t feel they are getting full value if they have to exit the park 3 - 4 hours before normal close. They tend to go to the other parks all day. This makes the queues in MK really short. Personally, I love RD MK on a party day and leaving at 5p - 6p to park hop or go elsewhere.

I’m currently planning a day where I RD and stay for the party too!


If you have park hopper tickets that is ideal

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We did MK on a MVMCP day last December. Pulling my old notes, between 9am and just before 5pm when we left the park, we did the following:

Jungle Cruise w/FP
Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor
Buzz w/FP
Carousel of Progress
TS Lunch at Skippers Canteen
Tiki Room
Country Bears
Haunted Mansion w/FP
Muppets Show
Pooh w/FP
Ariel Under the Sea ride w/FP
Railroad to front of park

So 17 attractions, the railroad, and a leisurely TS lunch. This was a CL3 day, for comparison. You can get a LOT done on a party day. I definitely recommend it!


Yes. I like going to MK on the “party” days. In my experience, the crowd level were very low until about 10:15ish so we got a lot done in the early morning. Then the levels were decent until about 4 pm when the party guests started to arrive. Then the crowd level were heavier.

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I am just hoping I can make it all day at the end of Sept when it’s hotter than 10 hells outside. I have added a lot of AC time after lunch. LOL

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This is great! I won’t get much done since we are doing the Family Magic Tour and that eats up 2 hours. But gets us on at least one ride (probably duplicates, but that’s ok) and M&G with M&M a the end. And I am only planning on doing Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. We don’t have to ride Space, Barnstormer or meet Cinderella, so that helps as well to get everything done.

Sounds like a good plan to me! Is the Mickey and Minnie M&G on the family magic tour all the way up at the front of the park with the normal one? Just remember to account for that walk back to Tomorrowland/Fantasyland afterward in your plans! It’s not short especially with littles!

Yes. Party days at MK are great. Lines tend to be much shorter and you can actually breathe in the midways. I assume it’s because most people don’t want to spend a “half” day in a park, but if you have hoppers or have a nice dinner planned at a resort, it’s a great time to go.

Yes it is, the family magic tour is all over The front part of Fantasyland and Main Street and ends with Mickey. We will have a nice leisurely lunch somewhere after that to get some rest and AC. My DD was skipping through MK last yr when we went so I think she will be fine. I’ve set up the plan other than the tour to eliminate any backtracking.