Touring Plans Park Game

I’m going crazy…sorry if this is posted elsewhere.

Didn’t Touring Plans have an online game where you “bought” “Sold” “traded” (not sure what to call it) things throughout the park- Magic Kingdom. And based on events, situations in the park the value of those things would go up or down.
Fast pass to Space Mountain
And then the “value” went up when it was hot out
Taco Salads would go down if shells were out
Its A Small world would go up if it was raining

Something like that? Or is this all in my head? And if it was real, I take it, it went away? :frowning:

Thanks have a great day!

There used to be a game in the app, though I’m not sure what it was about as I never played, but it was retired quite awhile ago.

Sounds like fun!

Yes, there was a game, but it made no sense to me. Yes, you “bought” ythings at one location, and sold them at another location (is this something you EVER do at WDW?). A $50-something Mickey Bar? The whole thing seems arbitrary and silly…