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I’ve got a question regarding the MK one-day (adults) touring plan published in the Unofficial guide to Walt Disney World 2015.
I originally wanted to use the plan, but after trying the ‘‘Personalized Touring Plans’’ options I don’t feel confident using the plan anymore. This is because when I use the personalized option, adding the exact same attractions (except for Big Thunder Mountain which is closed), it completely provides a different order compared to the plan in the guide.
When filling in the exact same order as shown in the guide, the personalized plan says I will wait almost doubled the amount of time compared to using the original plan the personalized option provided to me.

So I don’t know which plan to use, should I use the one in the guide, the personalized one or neither of them? My visit will be at 24-10-16.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I would trust the web site more than an old book. Remember the '15 guide would have come out in the fall of 2014 so it’s 2 year old data now. The web site is going to be much more up to date with the latest trends and have 2 more years of data to go off of as well.

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For the MK plan all new attractions are in there, so I don’t see why it is outdated.

This is the personalized plan:
Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
Jungle Cruise
Splash Mountain
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Haunted Mansion
it’s a small world
Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid
Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Peter Pan’s Flight
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
Space Mountain
Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
The Hall of Presidents
Country Bear Jamboree
Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room
Wishes Nighttime Spectacular

I can’t show the plan in the guide, but it starts the day at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (which seemed a good idea by me)
This was something I already wanted to do but the personalized plan says I should rather start at Buzz Lightyear’s Spin
I am actually tempted to use the guide plan, because it’s made by real persons.

My understanding as to why you would have a change in the 2015 book plan and the current plans that you can do on here is that the time data has changed and therefore the plans you do on here will be the most accurate.
You mention that you are tempted to use the guide plan because it is made by a real person, the guide plans use the same information that is available, (the computer program) just that they have put it together.
In my past trips as with this upcoming trips, I do look at what is in the most current guide, (2017 for this trip,), I then compare and see if that plan is what I would want, I then would use the the most current times available. The plans in the book are in here but you will notice that there are no times listed just the attractions, the times really help in figuring out what is the best way to tour.
I do hope this helps.

I would think that a personalized touring plan, created for a specific date would be different than a general touring plan.


Have you optimized your personal plan a few times until it is stable?


The personalized plan made for a specific day with current data has a better chance of being accurate than the generic plan in the 2 year old book.

The reported reason for NOT doing 7DMT first is that there will already be a line there with people who had pre-RD ADRs, and the line won’t be significantly longer later in the day, whereas other attractions have very short lines right at RD, but develop longer ones as the day progresses. Remember the TP model strives for the shortest TOTAL waiting time over the course of the day. This could mean that you might have a slightly longer wait at an individual ride, but will make up for it with shorter lines on other attractions.

Which rides you have FPPs could also dramatically change ride order.

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Thanks for your replies.

So following your advice, I should use the personalized plans over the (2 year old) guide book plans.
When I will be able to make fast pass reservations, I will use the personalize option again.

I’m sorry but you have to clarify this. What are pre-RD ADRs?

Yes, I have.

Pre-RD ADRs are, in English, Pre-Rope Drop Advanced Dining Reservations, or in other words, people with Breakfast reservations before the park is open which enables them to enter the park early and if they eat quickly, beat you to 7DMT.

So if you get to Rope Drop early and are one of the very first in the stampede to 7DMT, it might make sense to ride then as you’d only be behind the ADR folk. But, if you’re not quite that early 7DMT will be a 30 minute wait even that early while you could go walk onto Buzz or Space Mountain and thus ride 2 or 3 different rides in that same time span. The Touring Plans don’t assume you’re at the front of the hordes and thus direct you elsewhere to start your day…

A FP+ to 7DMT will make your day far easier though…

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I would note that it makes no sense to me to have Peter Pan and seven dwarves right around lunch time, unless those are fast passes. Have you factored in fast passes into your plans yet? That will make a big difference. Note that in our recent experience, it was very easy to get 4th and 5th fast passes for Pirates of the Carribean and Jungle Cruise. They seemed to have availability whenever we looked. Also, the line for Pirates was never all that long – certainly shorter than Peter Pan and Seven Dwarves lines. Of the rides in your plan, I would aim to get initial fast passes for Seven Dwarves, Peter Pan, and Splash Mountain, and to rope drop Space Mountain. If you finish those fairly early in the day, you can probably get additional fast passes for many of the other rides in your plan. We easily got fast passes for Pirates and Jjngle Cruise even at 5 or 6 pm – often available to use immediately.

When you do your personalized plan, are you hitting optimize or evaluate?

PLUS - well, waiting in line for PIRATES, there is shade and A/C or fans happening, which is GREAT in the heat. :boom: