Touring plans membership covers

I have been using the Touring Plans App & website for our last 2 visits to Disney. This spring we are thinking of doing a day in Universal during our trip. When I click on Universal in it shows me an advertisement to join Touring Plans, even though I’m logged in. Is it a separate membership for the Universal tools?

there is a separate subscription for Universal.

Thanks! That’s what it looked like, but I wanted to be sure:)

Its about $4/5 to add on For the year. Another good site with info on Uni is Orlando Informer. There are free blogs on TP website about universal that you can read without sub. The sub let’s you access chat and tp. You need to download the other lines app Uni lines for your phone to access all the uni lines features. Some are on Wdw lines but not all so I use both . log in is the same for both apps and web.

We are doing the same thing. Planning 10 days at Disney this spring. Wanted to take a day and go to Universal, but at $450 for three of us I am in shock. Anyone know of any cheaper routes? Looked around a bit online, nothing really.

We are the opposite. Doing mostly Uni /Busch/ Seaworld next trip but dd10 wants a day at MK and ds13 wants a day at HS. A ticket for 1or 2 days is soo expensive in comparison to a 4-5 day ticket. Uni has cheaper tickets for longer stays and multiple parks also. ( The 14 day unlimited is good value with a seaworld or wet and wild allowance when its available).