Touring Plans - Issue with 30 or more line items

First off, I would like to apologize if this belongs elsewhere. There was no immediately apparent link for support issues or bug reports off of the main page. I would like to say in advance that I love this site and my wife and I used it for our last trip and was very pleased and looking forward to using it again for this trip.

That said, I ran into an issue today trying to create our touring plan for Epcot. It seems as though as I hit 30 line items, everything would go screwy and any ‘breaks’ I had put in would start being rearranged. No matter how many times I rearranged them, they would go back to some arrangement other than what I was trying to set them to. If I deleted enough items to get below the 30 line item mark, all the troubles I was having would go away. I was able to temporarily work around this by dividing my touring plan into two different touring plans, but this does seem like a stumbling block for others that could turn them off of the product. Is there some line item limitation I have missed in the documentation?

I also wanted to point out that I tried in both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome, and I tried on different computers, all with the same result. Has anyone else experienced this?

@len might be able to help can you post the url to your plan

You also may want to edit the category to “Walt Disney world” I since this is an Epcot plan issue, but I am sure it is fine here. As noted above if you publish your plan and then copy the link in a reply maybe a staff member can look?

Hmmmm…post the URL and I’ll take a look at it. We should be able to have more than 30 things. Sorry about that!

Sure thing. Sorry about that - should have posted it in the initial e-mail!

Plan #1:
Plan #2:

As I mentioned, I worked around the issue by dividing the plan into two different plans.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks! Missed that little tidbit. I think I have put it into the right category now.

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Any luck figuring this one out? Were you able to reproduce the problem?