Touring Plans is the BEST!

Do you want to know why I love, love, love Touring Plans site? Not just for the great advice and feedback from all of you (which is awesome), but for the reservation finder. HELLO - we just got Be Our Guest! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


NICE! We’ve also got reservations from@TP

Thanks for all you do!

That’s awesome. Touring Plans is THE BEST. Our room fax request worked like a charm last week. We scored a king bed room with adjoining double bed room (plus water view) at AOA. It was all perfect.

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Nice! I had a similar experience with CRT. Initially, we weren’t going to do it, but then I started to worry about deny my child the experience of living out her princess fantasies (ha!) so I had Touring Plans reservation finder do the work from me. :slight_smile: