Touring Plans - is anyone else getting error messages from the site?

Am I the only one having problems making Touring Plans? It's not working, getting error messages. Anyone?

Where are you getting the error message? I just tried to make a new one and it seemed to be working fine. But I didn't try to go very far in the process.

When I go to personalized plans, and create new. An error comes up that says, "We're sorry, but something went wrong. We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly."

I just finished making the plan and it worked. confused I would email Hopefully they will be able to help.

That's what I did. Got a quick response, and am getting help currently. I found a way around it, and was able to start creating a plan on my phone. Now I can work on it on my computer. smile


Awesome! Have fun with the planning. smile

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Thanks!!'s more like, obsessed. LOL!

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