Touring Plans Help for Family ages 4,6,10,31,36, and 72 (scooter)

I can’t seem to fine a prescribed touring plan that really fits our circumstance.

We have 3 girls. One is a mature 10. The others are 6 and 4 and somewhat adventurous. The younger ones are interested in Princess meet and greets

My mother who is going with us is in her 70’s and she will have a motorized scooter.

My wife and I are in our 30’s and we enjoy all the thrill rides

We we will also be visiting AK the following day but any help with MK and AK would be great.

We will be in the parks on 9/8 and9/9

I would start out with the Happy Family Touring Plan and add and subtract as you see fit. You can use rider switch if your four year old is too short or scared to ride. With that age range, I think you’ll need to break into smaller groups at times.

Thank you! I started there so that’s a good sign. My only issue with it was the extra long break in the middle ( I was thinking 3, not 4 hours) and also it leaves out so many really good attractions.

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You can make the break any length you want in the TP. Keep in mind that it can take an hour to an hour and a half in just transportation to and from parks. (Waiting on bus, going back through security). Figuring out breaks is tricky and families have a lot of different takes on what works.

We are a family of 7, two adults and five kids ages 1.5-12 years. What I did was start with the Happy Family 2-day plan, then add and subtract the attractions to have what we want in there.


  1. Optimize, then
  2. manually move things into an order that makes sense.
  3. Evaluate
    (May repeat 2&3 as needed)

Thank you star frenzy. Did you find that you needed the break or did you adjust it at all? We are only in the parks for 2 days so I’d like to fit enough in. I just want to be ready for any possible meltdowns as well.

Did your younger kids want to see the afternoon parades? How did that work with the break time if you used it?

Thanks in advance for your help through experience.

Well so far it is just a plan! We’ll arrive next week and put it to use.

But with splitting it over two days I have a lot of “freetime” left on the second day. So that tells me we have time to go with the flow, or repeat favorites on the second day.

I did plan on seeing the parade, at least the first day. You can add that in the touring plan when you personalize it.

And I heard on the Touring Plan YouTube channel (I think, or maybe it was another group’s podcast) that the best spot to catch the parade is in Frontierland. Most people will crowd near the castle for it so there will be a lot less people in Frontierland where it begins. FYI!