Touring Plans for Those who wants TONS of Character pictures

Are there any specific touring plans that are optimized for Character picture taking/autograph experience? I can create my own personal plan but I would love to use one that’s created already?

So basically yes I want tons of pictures/autographs and I also want to get on as many rides as I can in each park per day.

Does such touring plans exists?

Not on here but there is another web site called Kenny the pirate and that focuses on characters and where to find them.

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I find character m&g hard to plan too far in advance. There are a lot more variables regarding who is out and where they might be located, and how long the wait will be. But I totally agree about Kenny the Pirate. He has plans centered around meeting characters. You can also look on MDE app at the characters that are available at the different parks each day to get an idea of where they are located and when they meet. Characters are a lot of fun! And there are quite a few at every park, but some have pretty limited meeting times, or only meet for 20 minutes at a time, so you have to be strategic.

Thank you both! will check out the Kenny Pirate info.