Touring Plans for Late Hours at Animal Kindom

I need help. Hours are extended now for animal kingdom but I need guidance. Any news about touring plans or advise on late night touring. I already have ADRs and FFPs set for normal hours but would like the night time safari perhaps.

Has the software not been updated yet? You may have to wait just a few days.

As this is really something new, I don’t think there is any real data on which to base a “scientific” TP.

The PM KS will no doubt be very busy the entire time. What I would do is keep my ear to the ground and as soon as FPPs are announced for the PM safari try to change one of my current ones out for it. Once they hit the system, I expect they will go very quickly; the chances of picking one up as a 4th on the day you’re there I think will be pretty slim. It will also be interesting to see if the day and night safaris are treated as two separate attractions so you could have a FPP for both on the same day or if you’re going to have to choose between one or the other.

Likewise, many/most people have not had a chance to ride EE after dark (I have, and it’s pretty cool), so that will also probably be busy the whole evening. The same, perhaps to a lesser extent, applies to KRR.

They haven’t announced the times for the Jungle Book show yet, but I’m guessing lines may be a bit shorter while everyone is piling into the arena to see the show. Of course it may well have FPPs and/or dining packages associated with it, so those are other variables to have to work around. Once RoL opens, all bets are off; I’m expecting AK to be VERY busy all evening.

At least for the summer months, we may have to join the “uneducated masses” and “wing it” at AK in the PM :wink: