Touring plans for 2 MK days

We will have 5 full park days, and are planning 2 of those for MK. How do you break the park into 2 days? By land? I am thinking the first day doing the right side of the park, and the second day doing the left. Has that worked for others?

I’ve heard people here doing that. Seems to work for them. I’ve never tried it. In the past we’d go over after the other parks have closed, 2 or 3 times. This year we’re spending one day there.

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We usually split the day with TL/FL on the first and then the rest AL/Frontierland/Liberty Sq on the second or the opposite. If you are doing morning EMH, note that Frontierland and Adventureland rides don’t open during EMH but open at regular park opening. If you plan to RD and use those hours, it might make a difference on which side which day.


We did 2 days this summer. First day was Tomorrowland, Frontierland and Adventureland. We did this rope drop to about 4pm. The next day was full on fantasyland with the parade, fireworks and dinner in CRT (plus caught the few rides we’d missed out on the first day). This was 1pm until 11pm. By doing this, I think we pretty much got every attraction in MK.

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We often do two days at MK, but I’m not sure we necessarily break it up so neatly between lands. We go in probably having a primary focus, but usually we’ll find ourselves going all over. Truth is, the park isn’t terribly huge as compared to, say, AK, and so we end up probably hitting each of the lands on both days.

As such, our first day is more about getting to the “must-dos”, plus any others where the wait isn’t terrible along the way. Second day allows us to fill in the holes, and also circle back on favorites.

For example, we’ll typically head, one day, toward POTC. If Aladdin line is short, we’ll do it as well, then move around to Splash Mountain/BTMRR, Haunted Mansion, a couple highlights in FantasyLand (Peter Pan, IASW, Winnie the Pooh), and then end up in Tomorrowland for Space Mountain and People Mover, COP, Buzz Lightyear.

Other day, we’ll probably start toward Tomorrowland instead, adding in things we missed the first day as we go. If lines are particularly long on day one for a highlight, we might decide to skip it and save it for the following day.


We did day 1: 7DMT, Frontier, Adventure. Day 2: Fantasy, Future.
We also had an evening EMH in between the two to pick up some things we missed in Frontier and Adventure and a morning EMH on our last day of the trip to redo a few things and finish off Future World (our day 2 was on “Torrential Thursday”). We felt like it was a good day to split things up.