Touring Plans Estimated Times

Hi everyone! I first used the app in March of 2020 - we were there at the beginning of the week, right before they closed on that Saturday. We honestly got lucky with rain, so the park cleared. But because of my endless planning, I knew what rides to jump on because of learning expected wait times.

Now, we are planning another spring break jaunt. But the expected wait times seem really low compared to the last time I planned, pre-closure. I mean reallyyyyyy low. Are they taking in account days when they were closed, and therefore making wait times average even shorter?

I know my kids are counting on me for another magical vacation (hitting DCA first this time since we didn’t get to go last time.) I just don’t want to over pack our day if the times are unrealistic.

Thanks in advance!

With the new APR system Disney is able to make the guest experience better now. “Long lines” were the top complaint of guests in the past, and Disney is remedying that (for a price of course.)

We are seeing shorter waits in World as well. As a two-four time per year visitor, it takes the pressure off for me, the planner.

I find that in DL the wait times in my plans become a lot less reliable after an hour or two in the parks. There’s just not enough data input on this coast to make it as awesomely reliable as may be seen on the WDW side. And any TP you make is better used as a loose itinerary/checklist that you can reference as you compare wait times between what TouringPlans is reporting day of (I love looking at their ride now, or wait later recommendations) and then check against what the DL app is saying to sort of triangulate what’s the next best move.

That said, I make at least one TP for each trip to have an idea of what we’d like to most accomplish. And I have learned to only plan for about half of the trip (i.e. plan for all mornings, or plan 2 of 4 full days) because DL has so much spontaneity baked in that even on the most perfectly executed of plans, there’s always something we discover (or re-discover) there that we add to what we want to do, so I love to have time to be able to shuffle those things in without having to figure out what to axe.