Touring plans doesn't factor in early entry to USF or IOA?

I used the WDW touring plans app with much success, but admit I am beyond frustrated with the Universal Orlando functionality. Even though there is an ‘early entry’ premium plan that I copied, it still has me defaulting to entering the park at 9am at park opening. When I tried to manually fix to 8am, it re-defaulted to 9am. As such, the plan doesn’t take into account that early entry is for Wizarding World only, and has me headed to every attraction BUT the Wizarding World (and this, even though we will have Universal Express passes on all the other rides).

Seems to me that this makes the whole app relatively non-useful. Admittedly, the upgrade was just $4, but I also had purchased the 2016 Universal Orlando stand alone book from Amazon (arrives next week), and now am wondering if that was a good purchase.

Any advice on how to get the most out of this app – and make it recognize both an early entry and universal express plus?

Post your link after making it public and someone might be able to help. Common problems are caused by that park not having EPA its normally IOA but can change and if Uni haven’t released confirmation of EPA park that can cause it. You can also email webmaster at tp with your url . I have used Uni tp with no problems in the past. @skubersky can answer questions also.
Other rides are also open in USF during EPA but if EPA is IOA then USF will default to 9 am opening

Also the wwohp plans don’t work if you optimise them Due to h exp and the 2 park nature you need to use Evaluate only.

Thanks. the Evaluate feature helped. Also, even though the guide books say that USF will almost certainly be open for Early Entry, I think it’s not yet published, so that is why the plan wouldn’t allow me to optimize for early entry. This is somewhat problematic, because by most accounts, folks say Universal will open USF and IOA for early entry (it’s a very busy Saturday after Thanksgiving), but I’ve had to create a plan around USF not opening early. So, I plan to go to IOA and take Hogwarts Express back to USF to be there in time to get to Harry Potter World. And yes, I’ve seen all the threads that say it’s better to go to Harry Potter in late afternoon, but I am traveling with my almost 7 year old Harry Potter fan (and a 1 year old, and 3 grandparents), so we need to get into the park and get the most possible done as possible in the AM, as my family isn’t one to leave and return (we’ll leave all right, but when it comes to getting volunteers to go back, no way). One question: if USF does open early, does it still make sense to go to IOA and take the Hogwarts Express, or should we head straight to Diagon Alley? My son will likely LOVE, LOVE to start his day on the train.

It would be best to head to USF gate for opening if they both have EPA and you want to do Gringotts first. When are you going to do FJ and the Hogsmead rides My ds7 loved FJ and the flight of the hippogriff . Remember the train ride is a dIfferent experience each way.

Hi @lsultan, I can assure you that the system can handle early entry at USF, the problem is that Universal doesn’t confirm the EPA schedule very far in advance, and we like to be conservative about what we say will be available in our crowd calendar until it is official.
What dates are you planning to visit the parks?
You may have better result staring by making a copy of one of our premium touring plans and customizing it instead of starting from scratch.
If you are still having issues please email your plan URL to

If both parks are open early and you can be first at the turnstiles, go to Gringotts 1st (assuming it’s running) then take the train to IOA after. Remember, that’s the order Harry did them :wink:

great advice. we are planning to visit over Thanksgiving weekend, specifically the Saturday and Sunday following Thanksgiving (11/28 and 11/29). I have been copying existing plans over as that has worked out the best thus far. We booked a non essential hotel at the Loew’s Royal Pacific, just to get Early Entry to Diagon alley on Saturday morning, and make use of the Express Passes. Right now, the system only has IOA open for early entry, but based on last Thanksgiving weekend, all signs point to UCF opening for EE too. My biggest problem is I really, really want my son to enjoy Diagon Alley, go to Ollivanders, etc. So, should we try to get that out of the way the night before (we do have a free 3rd day we weren’t going to use), so when we get to the park that AM, we hop to Gringott’s, and don’t feel badly skipping the fun stuff in DA, and just take the train right over to IOA to do FJ and Flight of Hippogriff, and then return to UCF, and use Express Pass for the other stuff? I was originally planning to just stay in Diagon Alley through an early lunch at 10.30am. Of course, the optimizer HATES that idea, even with Express Pass.

For now, I am going to assume that UCF will have early entry, and will plan to just walk straight to Gringott’s. Good to know that a 7 year old loved Forbidden Journey, as I was afraid my son, even though a massive Potter fan (we’ve just finished book 4, and are starting Book 5), might not like it.

Our 1 day/ 2 park Wizarding World in-depth plan should work well, do whatever you want at Diagon for the first hour or so, then take the train to IOA. If the lines are already bad at Forbidden Journey save it for afternoon and do the rest of Hogsmeade first. If you do have an extra day on your ticket, going to Diagon first at night is a great idea.

What are your thoughts on going for a few hours in the afternoon (vs the evening)? Primary goal is Ollivanders, DA, and shopping. Interestingly, the touring plan waits for Gringott’s look suspiciously low at that time (23 minutes??? when everyone says it will assuredly be 1-2 hours except first thing or in the evening), This also allows us not to have to tour with the wand box and any purchases the next day, and still make dinner plans around 6.30pm that night at a preferred restaurant.

Gringott’s and the train aren’t necessarily a priority, but if we can get it out of the way the day before, we can use EE at IOA instead.