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Hey @lentesta, if I could make one suggestion for the Lines app, can we PLEASE have a way to select which attractions show up in the list of attractions with wait times? At MK, in particular, there are so many attractions. I don’t care about meet and greets, so I would love to be able to un-select them so they don’t show up. There are filters, but they don’t have enough options to get rid of meet and greets, for instance.

Even the WDW app for Genie+ now has a way to select certain attractions on your Tip Board. If Disney IT can do it, it can’t be that difficult.

Is this a possibility?


You can sort the view of wait times on the app by name, by wait, by ‘ride now’ rides first, and by land. Maybe that would help you out.

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@daybreaker Can we add a filter like “Only attractions”? There’s an API field for this, I think?


I think OP is asking about (or at least I am reframing their ask to something helpful to me along those same lines): pinning certain attractions/shows to the top (like Genie), or being able to favorite and then filtering to favorites (like Food and Wine app). I love the sort features already there. There are only 1 or 2 pre-loaded filter sets that seem actually useful, to me anyway.

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A filter for “only rides” or something like that would be great!

One of the next things up on the new feature list is “Favoriting attractions” to stick to the top of the park pages. There are a few other things to do before this, but I think it should be coming relatively soon.