Touring Plans and wait times

Hello im very new to this and just trying to sort our a touring plan for trip in june - not that im doublting touring plans …but… i just did a personal touring plan for june 2nd for hollywood studios and was pleasantly surprised with the wait times the only long wait is toy story midway mania which is quoting 46 mins everything else is only bout 5- 10 mins, TT being 22 mins - Im just concerned im doing this or reading this wrong -

Im also having trouble putting a 5 hour break for MK we will want to return to the hotel for a rest - just wondering how I should do this as i put in 300mins for break but it didnt allow for this - (the park is open till 2am)

Many thanks if anyone can help

Sounds like you are doing things correctly.

Not sure why you are having this problem. Are you sure that you have the correct start time for your break, and haven’t tried to set if for 3:00am? If this doesn’t fix the problem, e-mail, describing the problem and giving the plan URL. The should be able to sort things out.

Great thanks re the wait times - will try again re the break and email if necessary - pleasantly surprised that we wont be waiting in line all day :smile:

Liners never wait! :slight_smile:

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