Touring Plans and Princess Meets?

Sorry if I am missing the obvious but is there the ability to schedule time for the princess meets at royal hall and or Anna/Elsa (at CA adventure) within a personalized touring plan?

Heading with my four year old and didn’t see the ability which would leave a large hole when I devise a plan on here so figured I’d ask.

I am in the plans on the app. I started with a TP Plan:

Then I het “modify step”

I can add meets and greets there.

OP is asking about Disneyland though. I’ve never been on that app/TP’s site for DLR…could it be different?

Thanks. Had used TP for DW last time and had scheduled the meets which made me think DL would also but seems missing (though I am blind)

Sorry, missed the category. It should work like the Universl app and use “edit plan”:and then Meets would be in the drop down?

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Can confirm there is no Royal Hall Meet or Anna//Elsa meet in the DLR Touring plans. When I first started using TP they had the Royal Hall but removed it due to low input for times.

For the Royal Hall, the wait is usually low the first 30-45 min. then skyrockets anywhere from 45-60 min. Then they add some princess magic where the princesses move double speed sometime in the 11 'o clock hour and the line can dip down to 30 min. by lunchtime at 12pm.

The last hour of the Royal Hall operating can see a slight dip in the time too, depending on how late it’s open. Usually it closes around 6 or 7pm.

As for Anna/Elsa, I don’t know their line as well, but I do know that it moves well & is an easy wait in the lobby of the animation building where you are entertained by the 360 running clips of Disney animation & artwork accompanied by the best Disney music. I do know avoiding it midday on a crowded day will give you less of a wait. The two times we’ve done it we waited 20 & 30 minutes both times were midday but not on very busy days/times.

I would pick a time where you’re already near either of those and make a manual break to do the meets if you really want them listed in your plan. Or make note on another step to fit those in where you can.