Touring plans and free time

All my personalized plans end up zero free time. Seems to me free time would be good to have. Is this going to be a problem? Do I need to manually schedule “break to shop” etc… Or can I just skip rides as needed when I get there?

I dont see any option in the plan to adjust free time. Does that mean I picked to many rides?

sounds like you picked too many attractions. If you’d like to have some free time, you can schedule “breaks” in your plan or take off some “fillers” or things that aren’t MUST DO’s.

also, it’s your plan, and you an skip attractions when you get there, but that will affect your wait times since you might be hitting those rides at different times if you decide to go back to them.

Keep playing around. Make a bunch of TP’s if you need to for each park day and see which one is more your style and fits your needs.

have fun!

When you Optomize or Evaluate you cannot control where the Free Time will be, so if you know that you will want to do some shopping at a particular time you should schedule a break for it.

Another possbility is to select a slower walking speed - that will allow for more time between attractions and provide a buffer for shopping, etc.

All that beings said, IMO no Free Time is a good thing - that means that you are packing in the attractions and getting good value for your money. Shopping is bad - wastes time that could be spent on attractions and wastes money. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it “shopping bad, rides good” my type of thinking Mx

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Mainstreet shops are open after the rides close. If you shop then, you aren’t skipping rides and it kills time before the kiss goodnight


We selected a slow walking speed and had plenty of time to stop for pictures, chase our toddlers around, etc.

It just sounds like everything is just fitting in, if you have no free time. We had a similar challenge…this is what we did:

We scheduled 20 minute in-park breaks/catch up time several times thru the day, sometimes strategically before a parade or show, to make sure we weren’t late. They made sure we stayed on track, and it worked really well. We also had our walking speed set to relaxed.

We had “bathroom here” in the notes section of any attraction that had one nearby…everyone’s gotta pee sometime !! :smiley: Saves having to search for one when it’s really needed.

Hope that helps !!