Touring Plans and attractions to repeat

Hi! Good morning.

I have a simple questions about touring plans: when i customize it, can i select the number of times that i would like to go to a especific attraction?

For example (a very crazy one!): let’s imagine that i only intend to go to splash moutain (twice) and space moutain (three times)…

In this case, when i customize a touring plan, my result would be (for example too)

9:00 - space mountain
09:30 - splash moutain


09:00 space moutain
09:20 space
09:50 splash
10:20 splash
11:00 space

Thank you very much!

Hi @Pedro_Carvalho! Yes, when you create a Touring Plan, you indicate the number of times you want to do each ride.

When the plan is generated, it will come up with the most efficient way to do this. Sometimes, you’ll see riding back to back times, like your first example. Sometimes, you’ll see going back and forth between the rides, like your second example. If you have a preference between these ways of doing it, one thing you can do is set your Touring Plan setting to “minimize walking” or “minimize waiting” before you generate it which would “tell” the optimizer what you would rather do, i.e. walking between rides to save a few minutes, or stay put. :slight_smile: You can also do this and then press Optimize to see how it changes your plan.

Another thing you can do is put the steps in the order you want and then only use the Evaluate button, not the Optimize button, to avoid TP re-ordering your steps.

Hope this helps!