Touring plans 3 days?

We have never been. In reading the background on this website, they say three days is ideal, but there are no three day plans for both parks? If you choose the 2 day one, what are you supposed to do day 3? So confusing!

Is the whole point of the “plan” to tell you what order to do the rides? What about shows, etc?


There are three totally separate parks, and most people do one park per day, although some people may visit two or more parks with a park hopper ticket - which requires at lot of travelling.
Each plan applies to only one park.
So, you need to decide which park(s) you want to see, then after that, decide what plans may be most suited to your group and time constraints.
For example, in three days you may decide to do two days Magic Kingdom and one day at Epcot, in which case you would pick one of the two-day plans for the former, and one of the Epcot plans for the latter.

I thought there are only 2 parks for Universal? That is all we are interested in for this trip.

In my opinion plannnig for Universal is nothing like planning for Disney. At Disney your every minute needs to be mapped out. At Universal it is much more flexible especially if you have Express passes. When we went in during Spring break I used the 2 day 2 park plan but it was only a loose plan that I referenced to make sure I hadn’t missed something. Use your 3rd day to visit your favorites or anything you missed.

The shows are not really scheduled a long time in advance. As it gets closer TP anticipates show times but you need to check back very close to your travel dates.

We are going again over Thanksgiving. My Disney days are planned. My Universal days are loosely planned as a reference. Mind you we will not ride RRRC or probably Hulk. It is nic you actually get to relax a little and just enjoy the experience.

thank you! that was very helpful!!

Are you big Harry Potter fans? If so, I really enjoyed dedicating one full day to all the Harry Potter stuff and then the other two days between the other attractions and shows in the park. I don’t pull the regular touring plans. Instead, I do a custom plan and put in all of the attractions I want to see and then have it create a plan for me. A lot of people prefer to use the standard plans, but the custom ones seem to work best for me.

We planned out our days using the 2 parks/2 days plan then modified them. We also added time at the hotel in the afternoon for swimming and naps. Since we went in June, it was often starting to rain when we were ready to go back to the parks for a dinner reservation–perfect! It only helped our plans. We then used our third day the hit anything we missed due to longer than expected lines, to re-ride favorites, and time to just sit and soak in the atmosphere of HP. And believe it or not, we wouldn’t have minded a fourth day, but maybe that’s because it was our first vaca away from the kids in over 10 years! No matter what, relax! It is NOT Disney. Try to make yourself slow down and just enjoy.