Touring Plan Won't Let Me Use Early Entry

I’m trying to set up a touring plan for Tuesday, February 10 at Islands of Adventure. It has Early Entry that morning and I set up my plan to start at 8 am, but when I optimize the plan, it starts me at 9 am instead of 8 am. What is going on? Here is the plan:

Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried for same date and is working I added early entry and manually changed start time to 8. I can’t view your plan Have you changed the settings to public . Also only HP stuff open before 9 so if not doing FJ or Dragons then other rides wont open until 9.

Try this link:

I have Forbidden Journey in the pland but it still doesn’t start at 8 am for me. Very odd.

If you move FJ to 8am it will work. Then hit evaluate, not optimize. Only HP rides and maybe Seuss open that early.

I opened the touring plan in the app on my iPad, optimized it there and it fixed it and set the start time to 8 am. Weird.

I think it has to do with the Unlimited Express. If you look at the plan on your app or computer, does it have none selected for the express pass? When I optimize on my phone and select unlimited, it will change it to none, but it allows early entry. If you select none on the computer, then it will allow early entry. If you select unlimited, it won’t allow early entry on the web. My plan is for March. I have been seeing this behavior for a while I think. Here’s my plan.

Thanks for all the tips. You guys are the best. Manually adjusting the order and then hitting evaluate worked best for me.

Touring Plans Staff: this sure seems like a glitch in the system to me.

Thanks Andy. For tech support, please email your plan URL to

However this isn’t necessarily a glitch if the evaluate function is working; the optimizer may be saying that wait times are short enough that using EPA just extends your time in the park but doesn’t actually save time (especially if you have UExpress).

I’m a total newbie to Touring Plans. I can’t seem to figure out how to move Forbidden Journey to 8am. It won’t let me put it earlier than 9am. Any ideas? Thank you!

When you set up the plan, did you let it know that you wanted to use Early Entry? In the Basic Info section you should see a start time of 8:00am and “Use Early Park Admission”.

Yes, I did… But it’s still not working. :frowning:

OK, then e-mail with an explanation of the problem and the plan URL and they should be able to sort things out quickly.

Make sure you are doing it on the computer, on my phone and ipad I cannot manually move anything. Let us know if that works!