Touring plan without FASTPASS?

I am planning our first trip to DLR, with our 4.5y.o., and I am very happy to have found this site.

I’m building my very first touring plan, and the Optimize/Evaluate steps insert stops at the FASTPASS booths for some attractions. However, we are not planning to purchase a FASTPASS.

Is where a way to build a plan that does not assume a FASTPASS? Can I trust the expected wait times on the plan, if we do not have a FASTPASS?


You don’t purchase a Fastpass - Fastpasses are included as part of your admission. Take advantage of them!

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Does FASTPASS come with regular tickets? Or do I have to purchase admission in some particular way?

It comes with regular tickets - it is not an add-on like Express Pass at Universal.

thank you!

You should be able to find a list of all the fast pass attractions on the touring plans site. As of today Disneyland still has a paper fast pass system. You walk to the attraction and insert your ticket into the fast pass machine and a ticket comes out that tells you when to return. On that ticket it will also tell you hen you can get another fast pass at another attraction. Get that next fast fast the minute the time opens (even if you get it before you use your first one).

thank you, that’s helpful.

The FPs not connected to the network: DL Buzz Lightyear AstroBlasters, Fantasy Faire Theater(currently showing Frozen). DCA: World of Color, Frozen sing a long, Anna and Elsa meet & greet. Not connected means you can get another right away, you don’t have to wait 2 hrs or until you use your ride FP whichever is sooner. The bottom of your FP shows when you can get another.

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We ended up getting FASTPASSes for Fantasmic! and World of Color only, both disconnected.
Anna and Elsa meet-and-greet did not offer a FASTPASS (and had no wait at all). Frozen sing-along had no line as well, not sure if there was a FASTPASS offered, but it certainly wasn’t necessary.

Overall, we did get to see plenty of attractions and enjoy many rides.
Touring plans turned out to have incorrect wait times posted, in no way related to reality.

Still, personalized plans were useful as a short-list for attractions we wanted to see, disregarding the ‘optimized’ order. One important bit of information the plans provided was the duration of each attraction. One important piece of functionality missing was adding the character meet-and-greet throughout the parks, with associated lines. Disney app shows what characters are available where and when, but it would have been helpful to put everything onto one list.

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