Touring Plan with FP and SDFP

Anyone know how to go about making a touring plan assuming you will be using FP and SDFP? So, for instance, I want to make a TP for MK using 3 advance FPs booked 60-days in advance. Then I plan to get 3 SDFPs at a kiosk the day of. In addition, I can pick up an additional FP once I have used the first 3 FPs in either case. How do you take this all into account when making a TP? Thanks in advance.

SDFP are bonus and you can’t really plan for them. Do a touring with your 3 per scheduled FPP. When you schedule your SDFP, just look at what’s available and how it would fit into your TP. If you are going to be in tomorrowland 2-5 don’t schedule a SDFP for HM at 2pm. Try to stick to time and land you are in for FPP. For HS or EP, you should expect your tier 1 SDFP will be late afternoon or evening. So adjust your TP accordingly. I usually expect RNR, TT, Soaring FPP to be 4-7pm. Don’t expect to get TSMM or FEA as a SDFP. It could happen but not likely. Again they are bonus so it’s difficult to really plan them.