Touring Plan with Disability Assistance Service (DAS)?

Hi all. I’d like to get people’s best suggestions on how to incorporate DAS directly into my Touring Plans? Or is that really necessary?

I haven’t used the DAS service, but I don’t think it would be necessary. As far as I know, you would be given a return time based on the wait times either for stand-by or fastpass, depending if you have an fp or not.

So the plans will show you the expected wait times, which is when you would be entering the ride. So instead of waiting in line for the expected wait time you could be browsing the shops, or whatever you chose to do.

We used DAS in July and it was great. I made TP’s prior to going, but the DAS made them pointless. There are lots of variables that will determine your TP with DAS inlcuding Crowd Level, ride popularity, and mobility issues. I would recommend making a list of the rides or attractions you want to ride/see. Build a TP, based on that and your FFP’s. More than likely, the DAS will cut your times down between rides and attractions. We were there in mid-July when the parks were pretty crowded and were able to walk onto some rides without a return time. If you want to read in detail how we did it, here’s my trip report as well as my advice/warning about dealing with guest services when getting the DAS.