Touring plan vs. Genie+ modifications?

I am a planner and that’s why I love TP. But the more I learn and the more videos and examples I see, I’m wondering if what will happen is I end up just jumping from LL to LL as we get them.

Do you find you don’t follow your TP as closely anymore with Genie +?

I loved following the plan and it almost always worked out getting us the most attractions in a day.


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The only time I’m really using a TP is on a morning when I am stacking for the evening, so I won’t have Genie+ to use in the morning.


While I generally don’t use this strategy, the strategy seems most viable at MK (if you are ok with potentially missing out on LLs for a few headliners). It can also see it working at AK.

It would be very tough to pull this off at EP and HS because the times advance so fast on the popular attractions.

I still use TP heavily upfront, but with G+, I do more adjusting on the fly when I am at the parks than I did pre G+. The one time when I do go from LL to LL is the end of my day at MK where I will go LL to LL at the minor attractions that I either missed or rode Stand-by earlier (Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Small World, Speedway, Tea Cups).

Then I recommend using the data at to project when you will get your desired LLs and build those into your TP. It is some work, but make sense for those who like to goi heavy on the planning.


I didn’t even open my plans last summer. We had prepaid for Genie+ for the whole trip and I knew where we were heading first. But we were just winging it the rest of the time. It felt odd! But it was nice too.


I use my TP as a list. Mark things as done and refresh to see where it sends me next. Add LLs the plan when I get them. Don’t have plan set as “use LL” when I make it.