Touring Plan versus Custom Touring plan

Hi All,

New user here, my trip is not until November so just looking around the site and doing some “test” plans. I saw the large repository of plans and thought “these look great”, but then I started experimenting and added a Park to a day in November and then followed the “wizard” and created a “custom touring plan”, this looked even better. So my question is this: When would you take one of the stock touring plans and NOT do a custom one? Just want to check I am not missing some trick or tip on how best to create daily plans

Loving the site and the forums, can’t wait to put it into action for real

Many thanks in advance

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I always use custom plans.


I wouldn’t anymore. We used the set plans before FPP and they worked amazingly well. But now it’s easier I think to do your own and fits better to your actual experience in the park.

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Thank you both for quick reply :smiley:

I think the stock plans are for people who don’t want to invest the time in a personalized touring plan or don’t know enough about what they want to do or how to plan a day… If you’re asking questions on the forum, you’re probably at the point where the personalized touring plan is right up your alley.


Stock plans are for those who dont want to log in to TP 5 times a day to tinker with their custom plan because They. Cant. Stop. Not that I would know anything about that. :wink:



I always to a personalized plan that fits my needs.

All custom plans for us too! I think the templates are to help explain what on earth a touring plan is to people first finding the site. The concept of an exact plan of attack for a theme park is a little odd to most people.

Clearly not to any of us. :wink:

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