Touring plan update

So I just did the TP update on my iPad because I read that it now reflects the genie + suggestions etc. Now I can’t get the App to open at all. (I am typing this on my IPhone, afraid to update the phone!) Anyone else having this issue?

I had to delete the app and reinstall. Working now!

Thanks, I’ll try that

I didn’t see a way to update TP on my iphone, so I too deleted the app then reinstalled it, but I see nothing about Genie or G+. Am I missing something? Thanks for any info!

You can add your LL to an attraction but only the day of. If you want to see what the plan would look like change the date to today.

Someone on chat also discovered you can then change the date back to your actual travel day and the LLs will stick. So, if you can anticipate which LL you are likely to try to get you could make a TP with them in it this way.

Apparently in 2022 they think they will have enough data for your TP to recommend certain LLs and estimate the times.