Touring Plan UOF

We will be at UOF for one day…Friday, 9/2. We will have the Unlimted Express passes. I wanted to create a custom Touring Plan. Will I be able to combine both parks is I create a custom plan?

I meant to say “if I create a custom plan”

You will need to create 2 plans one for each park . Start with a pre made one from the tp website then tweek to suit the links to create a second plan for your second park is embedded in the first The wwohp plans have you starting and finishing in the same park and you matchbup arrival departure times on the Hogwarts exp . The wwohp pre made plans don’t optimise well though you are bettet evaluating them
Why don’t you have a play about with them then get back tp us with questions.

Fyi with exp pass you only need work out when to do Dispicible Me ( Early) Gringotts (early or last thing ) Forbidden Journey ( before 10 or after 6) and Hogwarts express ( before 11 or after 5). The rest just ride in order you arrive at them

What would you suggest we do if we want to ride Reign of King first…as soon as the park opens to avoid waiting over an hour for the ride?

Should we take the HWE after to Universal and head to Despicable Me and then work our way down the park and then head back to IOA?

We will not be riding Forbidden Journey but we will be riding Gringotts.