Touring plan to blend DL and DCA?

First time to DL/DCA for 2 days 3/25 - 3/26 (yes, I checked the crowd calendar, we have no other choice). Everyone I know recommends a park hopper ticket but all the touring plans seem like one-day at DL and then another at DCA? Then what would the advantage of a park hopper ticket? I don’t have the expertise to create a “park hopper” personalized plan for myself.

Also, when I tested out some of the one-day plans, they don’t seem to enter in any times or wait times, etc. Is it because the park opening and closing times haven’t been published yet?


If you’ve never been before I’d probably just one park one day and the other the next. I know the parks like the back of my hand and can take advantage of hopping, but if you’ve never been, each park will be overwhelming enough. You might be able to all of the attractions in DCA in one day. At DL, it’s impossible.

The argument for park hopping is that if DL is getting too crowded you can “escape” to DCA where the walkways are bigger so you feel less crammed. Also, DCA closes first so if you have a park hopper even if you enjoy a World of Color at DCA’s closing, you can still then hop to DL to enjoy an hour or so more of park time in DL.

However, for just two days focusing on one park each day will be a good strategy, but just know that you will only see the highlights of DL. DCA will be more doable, especially with a plan.

Both of your advice make sense, esp w small children. Park hopping seemed uneccessary to newbies like us! Thank you!