Touring Plan time estimate for Anna & Elsa

Hi all, just to add to all the Anna/Elsa talk… I’m making up my Touring Plan for our trip in a few weeks and I’m noticing that it has it keeps having me do the Meet Anna/Elsa in the afternoon, with an estimate of 45 min wait. (Of course, couldn’t snag the Fastpass! I keep checking though.) Is this actually accurate? It seems like everybody says it’s a 2 hour wait unless you go late at night or maybe during MNSSHP.
Less than an hour might be worth it, but if that isn’t accurate, then I’d rather plan out now what else to do with that block of an hour. thanks!

I think the wait times have been much more reasonable lately, but I agree that such a short wait time sounds risky. I have read many posts recently about how the lines for A&E are longest first thing in the morning though, so maybe late afternoon is the best time? Hopefully someone else will chime in with some advice.

I’m curious about this as well.

Today MK is a level 4 and A&E have an estimated 148 minute wait. When I’m at MK it’s level 3, 7, & 4 but touring plans is estimating a 45-50 minute wait. What gives? I’ve had no luck getting FP but am willing to wait an hour, not sure about waiting 2.5 hrs.

I am also confused and not sure what to do! Might just have to figure it out on the spot… I know that’s hard with us planners!

I’d suggest first looking at the recent wait times, which you can do on the site. Just enter at the end of the URL the dates you want to see.

@Lentest I’m assuming that all “actual times” prior to this week’s test are without FP? If that is the case, it makes sense that TP would give me a 45-50 min wait if it is choosing one of the slowest points in each day.

Yes @armywife328, those are standby times, without using FP+. I think they look pretty consistent. The thing we’re a little concerned about is Disney’s willingness to change the rules on a daily basis. “Hey, it’s Tuesday! Let’s not have a standby line!” That’s tough to predict.

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If they do that, hopefully I will be able to snag FP for our family. I’ve been checking multiple times daily and we are in MK for 1.5 days plus MNSSHP. Thank you for your help!