Touring Plan that divides a park into two halves

Headed to WDW in July. Did TP for all days and really wish I had done this last year!! Oh well, live and learn. My question, has anyone tested a TP that divides a park in half and concentrates on one side per day? I would love your feedback before I put my plan in motion.

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Many times; both Universal and WDW. It’s tricky, but can be done.

I usually use Google Sheets to plot out which items should go into which day; then I work the TP for each day separately. I’d leave the second day more open so that you can bump missed opportunities from the first day to the second day for less stress.

I am doing this today for an Epcot trip, if you’d like to see my worksheet.

Hit me back with questions!

p.s. Just saw your username and nearly spit my coffee all over the keyboard. :monkey_face:

I would love to see what you have created. I am leaving day two a little more open to catch things we missed or to catch up on sleep.

My name tends to catch people off guard. I teach high school so I do it on purpose so the kids can’t!! Takes all the fun away when I beat them to the punch.

Sure thing. Here’s my Epcot worksheet for 2 days in July. I recommend opening it in a new window; TouringPlans wants to embed it for some reason, which is messy.


Thank you so much for sharing. Our plans look very similar except you went left and I went right!! I also have way too many things on my plans. My sister is looking over them now to make sure I didn’t leave anything off or put something on there that is not necessary.

I’ve never done this before, but I’m going to try it at DL in August.TL and FL on the first day, AL, NOS, and FrL on the second day. First day will be RD to closing, second will be RD to about noon, with a PM return for dinner and F!. I have some “slop time” built into each day for flexibility.