Touring Plan Teaches

Can anyone tell me why there is such a difference between the plans Touring Plans optimized for me and the suggestions hat Touring Plans Teaches say in their videos? Especially in their early entry videos

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Does the Touring Plans teaches video use the data from Chrissy’s actual experience?

The opitimize plans do not expect that you will actually be one of the first people in the park. It knows that might be what you intend, but for a majority of planners “rope drop” does not mean what is needed to be in the front of the line.

Len suggested that you create a plan, complete your first step, then mark that step “done” and optimize again. The software when then know if you are a true rope dropper or not and adjust.


Also, as a general difference:

Humans are more logical. They can look at more factors (and figure out how best to interpret it) and create your “general” plan: this is how you should generally do it on an average day.

Computers are more precise. They will look at less data, and interpret it that how they are programmed to interpret it (for example, if they aren’t tuned correctly, they may do weird things). The computers will, however, almost always find the best possible combination for a specific day and a specific scenario.

So the human will say, enter between 8 and 9, then do this, then this is probably best. But the computer will see you entered at 8:47:30 and 27 hundredths of a second, and will create a perfect, albeit very delicate, plan from there.

(What principal said is also very important: giving it the right information, such as when you actually entered, is key.)

Thanks for your advice.
We are pros at rope dropping. This trip will be even better with 5 adults, so no little kids to slow us down.


I think the problem is, the program does not know if you will be standing at the entrance 60 minutes before EE or if you will arrive 15 minutes after EE started and think you have rope dropped.


I guess it makes sense for the software to hedge like that. Right now, I’m a little bit annoyed with the software underestimating me and my RD skills. I look forward to proving it wrong! lol Especially when you add in G+ skills. I know we can do everything faster than it says we will right now. It still helps to make a plan, though.