Touring Plan Suggests Obtaining LL after 7am?

I have a question about the TP custom plans—it will often suggest getting my first LL later in the day, like at 9:30am, rather than at 7am when I’m first eligible, for an 11:15 spot on the ride. I’ve tried to attach a screenshot. Is this being suggested because if I try to book the ride too early in the day it would give me too early of a return time? Thanks for any help—this community is such an amazing resource!

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I love TPs and have been using them for years, but the current iteration of the LL option in the custom touring plans doesn’t work well (in my opinion) so I often need to make adjustments to the LL attractions. You should book your first LL at 7:00 am and then if you prefer a later time window, modify your LL to the later time.

There is an option in the custom TPs to set your own LL window in the plan for each G+ attraction. This is what I currently do when making TPs, but in order to do that you need to (a) have enough experience at the parks to know what return times will be available to you, or (b) spend some time on learning about past return times for the applicable attractions.

Does that help? Any other questions?


SO HELPFUL, thank you!!

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If you add the time of 9:03 a.m. to the 8 minutes in line, then the 20 minute ride, then you get ALMOST 9:32 a.m., the time it says to enter the time for your LL. Looks like the TP software isn’t capable of realizing you could be multi-tasking…in this case getting your LL while waiting in the KS queue.

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They should be getting it at 7, there’s no need to be getting it in the queue.