Touring plan shows long wait for 7DMT after 8:05 BOG breakfast

I have an ADR at BOG for 8:05 on April 28th. I plan to be finished breakfast in 40 mins and head to 7DMT straight after. When I put 7DMT as the second step in my touring plan it shows arrival as 8:52 and then a 44 minute wait. Why doesn’t the system assume I will beat the rope drop crowd?

Have you checked you AM/PM times? Or is TP saying it is a EMH day? I did not think you could start a TP before the official park opening?

I have the same problem. Since it’s not EMH, you cannot put your start time before the park actually opens. I “fixed” it by guessing I’d be done by 9:15 and listing that as my arrival, putting 7DMT in my notes, but not on the plan. Of course, this is my first time using touring plans, so who knows?! :slight_smile:

That sounds like the perfect solution. @mommyoeo, did you get it show up on your plan before park opening? I thought it worked liked when you try to time a wait in line and you cannot since the park is not officially open (did that change?)

We have the same issue. I just took 7DMT and PP off the plan- and started it at 9:30 (currently- park hours may change) with Pooh- although if things go right that might be done, too by then.

Something to keep in mind too…if you have Pre Rope Drop reservations on days that do NOT have EMH 7DMT has been running for guests early.
I had 8:10 reservation at BOG in September and when I finished at 8:30 I found 7DMT already letting guests ride. We entered through the FP line and I was able to ride it twice in a row before Rope Drop and before the arrival of the mass early morning crowd.
When you have your breakfast, go check and see if they are continuing this…you may be able to get a ride in before 9am :slight_smile: