Touring Plan Optimization with Height Restrictions

First this is fantastic. Congrats to the builder. I have a split of kids by age and height. The younger would be limited by some of the height restrictions, the older does not have that limitation. We have two adults. How do I optimize with parallel paths. For example, lets say I wanted to do space mountain with my older child. How do I divide and concur with each adult taking one child on a mini parallel parallel path. One does space mountain, the other does something else. Meet back at ride x at y time.

I have read: Touring Plans for Splitting UP but that was 7 years ago. Has there been a best use case or additional functionality figured out yet?


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In this case, I would do two separate plans.

In reality, I had this scenario. We would take DS8 to space mountain, while another parent could do Tomorrowland Speedway or Buzz with DS4. We just stayed in the general vicinity and tried for those “lower tiered” rides while DS8 did the bigger stuff. We would just text the other parent when one of us was about to finish something.

@len - can you confirm that there is no way to split or do a “parallel path” in one plan?

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I have done touring plans like this. I have done a lot of evaluating and swapping things to get the times and then making notes. 2 seperate plans based on the childrens heights should work well though. Like @NervousRex said. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! :rofl:
Then you can optimize each and see where the similarities are. Move things around to best fit each other and go from there. You may have some time gaps doing it this way but maybe schedule bathroom breaks or shopping stops. These things are easier to do with fewer kids anyway. :joy:

What I have done is make the TP around the older/taller kid since those were the tougher rides in terms of lines and LLS. I go in with some ideas of what the younger/shorter can ride/do while the older is on the separate plan, but often adjust on the fly based on wait times and LL availability. DW and I take turns joining either the older kid or younger kid.