Touring Plan Optimization Fail

In trying to plan Oogie I was glad to see the Villains Grove listed under seasonal offerings, thinking this meant the tool would optimize my Oogie Bash. Wrong. After taking the time to enter all my attraction, eating and break choices, I find the optimizer kicks me out of the park at 6pm.
Why acknowledge Villains Grove if you can’t actually get there?!
I understand Oogie data may not be sufficient for the optimizer, then why not warn me as I told it I was leaving the park at 11pm–before wasting my time.

Are you creating your plan in the app or the website?

I was able to creat Oogie boogie bash plans in the past. Send a note to touringplans.

Website on Windows 10

First thing I tried to do was find a help button but none was obvious. How do I contact them?

I would email There might be an automatic message but they will email you.

That time glitch is common on the app for WDW and they have helped me to find a solution.

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Every time I’ve ever emailed them they have always added what I needed. And for Disneyland for sure. There were times shows were missing a couple of weeks out and they’d add them for me so I think you’re in good hands.

Thanks for your help. Looks like problem was partly mine because I hit the BACK button which reset my selection of Oogie Boogie hard ticket. Once I reset it, I was able to proceed with Optimization.


After I saw the Oogie Boogie Hard Ticket had reset, I was able to Optimize. TP could add the Dessert Party and Parade as meal or an event. But that’s an easy work around. Thank for helping.