Touring plan oddity?

Anyone have an idea why TP would be inserting 16 minutes of “free time” between FOP and EE on this plan? We wanted to ride it twice, so I am trying to get it to show times for if we ride it immediately after FOP and then again using our FP at 10am. No matter what I do it won’t show me attempting to ride it until 10:00 though with 16 minutes of free time before it. This throws the whole rest of the day off in the plan.

My first guess is that it’s telling me to wait a few minutes because it expects the line for EE to be shorter at that time, but I really don’t want to waste 16 minutes standing around in the first hour the park is open. I will probably just delete it out of my plan and make a note, but I was curious to see if anyone else found it odd.

That’s the only explanation I see. I think that not being able to manage the free time is the #1 weakness of the program.

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I have an alternate guess.

The plan is indicating for you to arrive at EE precisely at 10:00. I think the software doesn’t expect the ride to open until 10.


Wouldn’t have thought of that. I’ve never experienced EE not being running at park opening. Is that common?

IDK. What’s your plan date? Worth looking at both the TP hours estimator and WDW’s calendars.


Thursday, 11/15. Everything I’ve seen says 9am opening.

yeah, concur, and so does WDW’s own site, as well as drilling in deep in the displayed crowd calendar here on touringplans.

I think it’s time to email and see if they can figure out what’s happening here.

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Interesting…I just tried deleting my fast pass for EE altogether and just showing that I wanted to ride it right after FOP and it tells me to ride it at 9:44. If I attempt to add the FP back though it reverts back to exactly what is shown above. I think I’ve confused it. :smile:

Yea - my guess is because you have a Fastpass at 10 at EE and your first ride you wanted to do without FP - it IS confused


Oh well. :woman_shrugging: No problem. I’ll just take it out and add a note on my plans.

I just did same thing for SAME day and it DID NOT add free time, but I did evaluate and not optimizetest ak.pdf (692.1 KB)

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That is so odd! I am using evaluate as well. Maybe I’ll just create a whole new plan and see if it works better.

That doesn’t make sense to me. Even if the line will be shorter later, you will finish the ride sooner if you get in line sooner, no matter what. I’m pretty sure that the optimizer will never substitute free time and later finish for wait time and earlier finish.