Touring Plan Multi-Child Scheduling

Hi! I have a 2 year old and 6 year old so there are times that our family can ride together but times that my husband and I have to split up to best accommodate both children. Can we create a touring plan which allows us to see both schedules on our dashboard and optimizes so that we are able to ride together on rides like “It’s a Small World,” etc (Rides for two year olds)? Please let me know.

Thank You!

Not exactly but you can put notes under each ride saying who is riding what, (example for frozen sing along, notes would say DH 12:30pm Stunts 30mins instead.) You can also create 2 plans so your husband can have his version. Also make use of rider swap, all approach a ride and get a rider switch for later. And test out how long alternative rides take, so you can make a note of them in your plan. Can’t remember where but someone wrote an article on the seating in all the rides, there aren’t that many you couldn’t ride with both kids.

Sorry the article I read was on WDW. If it’s bench seating you’ll fit.

Hello @Larasumitom! We have children that are different heights so I have been in the same position planning!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to sync up plans like that, but that would be an awesome feature to one day develop.

What the software can do is on any ride that has a minimum height requirement you can click edit and there will be an option to use Rider Switch, mark Yes and then Save. The software will then factor you doing the attraction 2x with the expected initial wait.

For the little one that cannot ride, I usually pick a nearby attraction that he/she will LOVE and make a note of it in the “Notes” area of the step. I find that usually the rides that are geared for her are not as difficult to squeeze in as the major rides with heigh requirements.

My daughter loves Monsters Inc & The Little Mermaid & those rides are pretty much walk-on if not short waits so we usually plug those in on the DCA side. Mater’s is also a great option for DCA. In DL she loves the teacups, Alice, meeting characters & the Buzz ride so whatever has a similar wait and is closest is usually what we take her to.

Also, at that age, I wouldn’t necessarily feel the urge to cram in as much stuff as possible. Your little one might just love exploring and getting to move around in some of the more walkthrough attractions such as: Goofy’s Playhouse, Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, Animation Building, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle Walkthrough. And even then sometimes we find that the rider switch is a good opportunity for our daughter take a break from the stroller wandering around a store or sitting on a bench with a snack.